Tennis Court

'Where there is a sound body there must be a sound mind' is the golden rule in The Rus Side Club, and this is what makes the place a regular paradise for those who appreciate healthy living. Two ground tennis courts will help people keep fit on holidays. Ground surface is good for both amateur and professional players.

Professionals will be happy to find the Lobster Elite 5 ball machine in the court - the most advanced piece of equipment capable of adjusting speed and angle of a shot, ball spin, remotely controlled. Using those ball machines yields the highest training efficiency.

Full teams will come to train with us, yet if you don't have such enthusiasts among your company, you may train alone because the machine is available - though there will always be someone at the facility who wants to make a match to you in a game - yet another reason to make pleasant acquaintances and extend communications.

Advantages of ground surface

  1. This is an all-weather surface: one may play on a hottest day, when it's humid and even during light rain.
  2. Ground court will dry fast even after abundant precipitation.
  3. Over time, those courts improve by gradually leveling out.
  4. Players of different level, skill and age may play on those courts.
  5. Ground courts are built from natural materials only, they are elastic and resilient at the same time.
  6. Injury rate at those courts is significantly lower that that for courts with man-made surface.

The benefit of tennis

It does not matter whether you are 5 or 55 years old, if this is the first time you took a racket into your hands or made it to become an amateur champion in lawn tennis. What matters is that the game is immensely beneficial for those who came to the court to rest, play sports, feel the spirit of the game or simply gain new experience.

For instance:

  1. Benefit for the body. Playing makes every group of muscles work: legs, arms, abdominals, back and even neck. The more often and more professional you play that kind of sports, the more fit and trim you are.
  2. Health benefit. Science proved that aerobic activity will produce beneficial effect on cardiovascular and respiratory systems, helping you maintain youthfulness into advanced age.
  3. Benefit for the mind. Not many people realize why the tennis court holds special appeal for men. This is not the matter of charming female players only, but the thing that lawn tennis is a perfect exercise for the mind. It takes strategic and tactical skill, as well as capability to analyze your opponent's actions. This is where a man may show off.

Court rental at RUR600.00 per hour;
balls and racket at RUR150.00 per hour,
ball machine at RUR600.00 per hour;