Russian Steam-Bath

A steam-bath is one of the most pleasant and useful human inventions. It will remove fatigue, improve physical well-being, bring good humor. After a steam-bath in Vladivostok, as well as in any other place, one feels carefree - it is not for nothing that they say: "taking a steam bath is a true rebirth".

The Rus Side Club makes traditional Russian wood-firing steam-bath available to the guests - the service enjoys great popularity. This is one of the oldest ways of using temperature for health improvement, rejuvenation, conditioning and augmentation of vital energies.

We thought about every small thing to treat our guests. The steam-bath facility is located in an separate fenced courtyard of 50 sq. meters, protected from prying eyes. After steaming, you may dip in a 3x4m pool filled with medicinal seawater and get some UVs in a recliner in the open-air sun-porch. There are two steam-baths in the facility, for the capacity of 8 people each.

There, connoisseurs of light steam, good twigs may take their pleasure in steaming and relaxing. Worries and troubles of everyday living would go away in a rush of fragrant steam, birch twigs, medicinal heat and a hearty welcome. It is always cozy and quiet with us!

A visit to the steam-bath at RUR1,000.00 per hour;

all sauna accessories included.