Fishing in the Sea of Japan

Fishing goes beyond mere holidaymaking, it is a regular philosophy. Every fisherman keeps his own secrets: from tackle preparation to the way one would cast his line. Rich fauna of the Sea of Japan is a perfect reason for nice fishing. There is a lot of plentiful spots around to arise the breadwinner instinct even in the softer sex who, following a superstition, are seldom taken along to fishing.

Skilled anglers from The Rus Side Club personnel are ready to share their secrets of successful fishing with you. For instance, they will tell rookies about when flounder is reposing and why one should fish for black perch next to rocks, while making arrangement for seasoned fishermen to engage in trolling or night squid hunting.

Fishing rods are free for guests.

Boat rental: for all guests - the 1st hour is free,
every next at RUR200.00 per hour.

Fishing in the Sea of Japan is all uninterrupted pleasure, but for one thing - and fishermen's wives know it all too well - scaling the fish.
Cooks from The Rus Side Club restaurant will get the job done for you: you may hand you catch over to the restaurant straight from the boat and enjoy thick fragrant fish soup in half hour. When your catch is something sizeable - the kitchen will help scale and freeze it so that you may take something home to treat family. Be back rested and trophy-bearing!