Recreation out of Town

Sea, sun and fresh air is something absolutely admirable and vitally important for the recovery of every human being.

Yet the capabilities of The Rus Side Club stretch beyond that - For those seeking not recreation alone, but new experience, we offer sightseeing tours through historical and natural landmarks of the Southern Pacific Seaside.

Historical Landmarks

The place where The Rus Side Club is located is famous not for its unique nature alone. The Southern Pacific Seaside is a land of rich history.

Sandbanks are places where waterlogged ancient schooners live their last years, there is a voiceless monument to the Cold War era in the Vityaz Bay - an abandoned combat dolphin training base and a 'haunted house' - ruins of Yankovskii mansion, while the lighthouse at Cape Gamov will tell you a story about the development of the Pacific Maritime Territory by Russian men of sea.

Viewing those sights and listening to a tour guide narrating about the distant past of that remote area of Russia will surely excite interest of every inquisitive tourist.

Tours are booked in advance for groups of 4 people and more.