The whereabouts of The Rus Side Club are attractive from the perspective of educational tourism. Travelers who arrive in Vladivostok for their first time may see unique local sights and enjoy every benefit of seaside recreation, gain unforgettable experience. One may see an epibiont lotus in blossom, watch huge snakeheads swim and water fowl nestle there. Local places hold special appeal for those who are immoderate fishermen: in the sea and in the mountain rivers, there is excellent fishing in wait.

One may get an eyeful of the rocky mountains of Bays Spaseniya and Asfafyeva mounted on a horse - the Club operates mounted trips for its guests. While visiting the Alekseev Island, one may watch the Far Eastern seals making arrangements for their own recreation - there is a major rookery of those unique animals there.

Safety First

Owners of The Rus Side Club make efforts to provide their guests with safe seaside recreation full of undisturbed peace. As often as not, predators will intrude coastal waters of the Russian Pacific Maritime Territory, so they installed a shark net at the Club-owned beach. The custom-made net is compliant with the seaside climate to withstand both sharks and storms in the Sea of Japan.

Is the net truly safe?

The net was fabricated using patented technology from special materials to take on any species of shark. That is an expensive safety device, but they don't accept saving on holidaymakers' safety in The Rus Side Club.

Does it hamper bathing?

The net is removed one hundred meters into the sea and it is well-discernible because of its large, bright floats.

In The Rus Side Club, where there is only a couple of strides from cottages to the beach, the place to start resting is, by all means, the sea.

Water in the bay is so pure that the bottom may be seen even at a depth.
There are neither algae nor jelly-fish in the coastal area. On a warm sunny day, one may splash and swim in the water for hours, taking to the shore to dry in the sun and have a snack only.

Guest may have flippers, masks, inflatable swimming aids for free.

Clean sand-and-shingle beach

A strip of sand-and-shingle beach 200 meters long: a row of recliners, beach umbrellas, playground, paddling pool, lifeguard shack. Gentle waves running over golden sand while fresh breeze carries pleasant coolness. Guests steadily baking in the sun, sipping their fresh orange. Idea of Paradise materialized!

Recommendation on the time and duration of sun bathing are actually no different from those that are customary for the people who spend their holidays in the resorts of the Black Sea.