The Ruthenia Seaside Club

The Rus Side Club

The territory of the Club itself, its surroundings and the bay are private property. That means that our guests will not be disturbed by either freeloader tourists or locals from nearby villages. Club personnel is keeping the entire territory clean, beginning from the beach and into the hiking trails. This is an excellent spot for detached, the so-called 'club' manner of spending holidays.

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Map of Whereabouts

Lighthouse at Cape Gamov, The Far Eastern Maritime Reserve, historical sights at the Vityaz Bay, habitats of ringed seals, an island with an enigmatic name of an 'Isle of Anguished Heart' - splendid surroundings, promising of many discoveries. One may make a trip of those places alone, renting a buggy or a quad bike or sharing a company of friends, booking a tour over land or sea. Service personnel will supply you with everything needed for recreation, providing a guide if needed.


The Rus Side Club is located at the southern coast of Khasan District of the Russian Pacific Maritime Territory (Primorskii Krai) 220 km outside of Vladivostok. To travel there will take a fairly long time, yet the reward for a dedicated traveler is recreation in a Paradise nook of the Southern Pacific Maritime Territory and free lunch on the day of arrival.

One may use either private or public transport for travel.

Personal vehicle

You need to use the M60 Vladivostok to Khabarovsk highway. You will go to Razdolnoe to make your turn. From Razdolnoe, you follow the road to Kraskino. From there, you drive straight, not making any turns. The road, with the exception of Narvinskii mountain pass in the vicinity of the legendary Leopard Reserve, is hard-paved. You will be passing a detour to Slavyanka along the way (the distance there is about 115 km), but you don't want to make that turn. You follow the road leading to Zarubino straight ahead to find a detour to Andreevka. Hard-paved road ends there, and a dirt-road proceeds along the shoreline. You will travel through a village to a Y-intersection with a Vityaz Bay (Bukhta Vityaz) sign that will be seen on the left-hand side (in the direction opposite to the sea). Climbing on top of the hill, you will see huge blocks of rock and, on the left-hand side of the road, a sign indicating 'Ruthenia'. Take care not to miss the turn that meets the road at acute angle, leading downhill to the very gate of The Rus Side Club.

Travel Time: 2.5-3 hours

If you want to save several hours of driving, you may use Vladivostok to Slavyanka ferry to carry you and your car. From Slavyanka, one needs to take direction towards Zarubino to the turn to Andreevka. From there, you way is the same as described above.

Travel Time: 3.5 hours (of those, ferry crossing of about 2.5 hours)

Water Transport

A ferry or a Kometa proceeding from Vladivostok to Slavyanka will help you save time, money and trouble. From the Seaport Terminal, there is a scheduled high-speed Kometa vessel and a ferry service. At high season, it stands to reason to book tickets in advance. The Rus Side Club manager will make a free ticket reservation for you if you advise of such necessity in advance (at least 3 days before scheduled arrival).

At Slavyanka quayside area, a van will pick our guests who booked their transfer to the Club to take them to the Club in less than 1 hour. The price of the service is RUR2,000.00 for the full 7-seat van, i.e. about RUR300.00 per person at full capacity.

Travel Time: Kometa — 1 hour, ferry — 2.5 hours.

Service Schedule and Prices for Vladivostok - Slavyanka Ferry Crossing.

By Air

If you arrive in Vladivostok by airplane, you may make advance arrangements for The Rus Side Club van pickup. Our van transfer from either airport or bus terminal in Vladivostok will cost RUR5,000.00

By Railroad

The most convenient way is to reach the Central Railroad Station of the City of Vladivostok and switch to the Terminal of Vladivostok - Slavyanka ferry crossing. From there, you way is the same as described above.

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