The Rus Side Club

At the eastern end of the Russian domain, away from the bustle of big cities, at the foot of Cape Skalistyi, there is a secluded private bay. 

Memories of those who visited the place would forever keep the radiant sea, sugar loaf mountains, wind with a pinch of salt, wind rustling in an oak grove and unrestricted line of horizon.

Romantics of wild nature, however, does not take sacrifices along the lines of spending nights in a tent and stewed beef and macaroni for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For its comfort rating and services, The Rus Side Club complies with the three-star level of commonly used classification. Security agency is in charge of guests' safety, while a top-grade chef caters to the palate, recreation activities are facilitated by travel and tour guides, and solitude and mutual respect are guaranteed by internal regulations.

In summary, it is The Ruthenia recreation facility located in Vladivostok. Undisturbed peace. Quietude. Sea. Sea. Sea...

Rus Side Club is a winner of the international contest «Best Goods and Services — GEMMA» 2010

Safety First

Owners of The Rus Side Club make efforts to provide their guests with safe seaside recreation full of undisturbed peace. As often as not, predators will intrude coastal waters of the Russian Pacific Maritime Territory, so they installed a shark net at the Club-owned beach. The custom-made net is compliant with the seaside climate to withstand both sharks and storms in the Sea of Japan.